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By the age of 21, I was a single mother of two and feeling confident that there was no room for "religion" in my life. Christ humbled me and I came to know, love and depend on him as my personal savior. While growing in my faith, God opened my mind and my heart to a man who is now my husband, and a wonderful father to two! Through God's sovereignty, we are blended as one.

09 September 2010

Putting His will on hold...

So I was all set to start our foster parenting classes last week and we couldn't due to work and scheduling issues.

The next round of classes begin in October and we're waiting to hear if they have space for us to join.

I'm sure of God's plan for us in becoming foster parents, I'm just wondering why the hurdles?

Pray that God will make a way and that we'll be ready!


Amber said...

It's kind of like the Israel in the wilderness... they so could have gone an easier route, but God knew all the dangers and also how much preparation Israel needed. Don't worry, the hurdles and the timing are all in God's perfect timing!